Ormond Street Case Study

How our clients used Invilla’s design know-how to achieve a one of a kind property in the heart of Ascot


Having the opportunity to live in Ascot is an aspiration for any Queenslander, as the suburb is renowned as one of the best for its heritage, tree lined streets, elevation and of course its exquisite homes.

When the new owners of 6 Ormond St Ascot approached Invilla to design their dream home, we were thrilled to get involved and could see the potential of the existing house straight away. Having plenty of experience with character home renovations, the clients were confident in our abilities to flesh out and complete a design that would fulfill their extensive design brief and living requirements. Having young kids and a busy lifestyle, they didn’t need the stress of running the project themselves and relied on Invilla to take care of everything.


When we first arrived at 6 Ormond St Ascot back in July 2018 we were greeted by the previous owner, the new owner/client, the real estate agent and the builder. It was all hands on deck from the get go to get the home completed by mid 2020.

The house itself was a pre-war Queenslander typical of Ascot, painted in pale blue with baby blue balustrading, gutters and trimmings. It was clear that over the years the house had had many owners and many small renovations that resulted in a mishmash of styles and proportions. The underneath of the house was completely disconnected from the rest of the house, serving as open storage and carparking. Parts of it were built in with concrete blocks and other parts were open to the elements. This meant that the backyard was only accessible from within this under croft space.

The design brief was to raise the existing house, build in underneath and create a level area that would have kitchen/living and outdoor living flow seamlessly to the lawn and pool. Keeping the existing traditional Ascot elements was essential, and the new additions to the house were to be in keeping with this style and enhanced with further character.

Our clients had a list of requests that their new forever home in Ormond St, Ascot would need to meet. We listened to ensure complete understanding. These requests included large open spaces to the centre of the double-storied property, Classical character style features, an extensive wine cellar as a focal piece & a wardrobe to provide ample space for storage, shoes and jewellery.


All our design approaches begin the same way. After concluding our initial design meetings, we began concepts on trace paper and explored many different options with access, level, existing elements and orientation in mind. Once we were happy with a design, it is drawn in the computer using 3D modelling software. Our clients were then able to explore and make commentary on this model in real time. This feedback is essential as it allows us to convey the perspective and reasoning behind our design decisions and further refine the design.

While the overall concept of the house remains true to the original sketches, many smaller changes happened during the design process including the stairs shifting location, the double height void increasing in size, the master bedroom, ensuite and walk-in robe increasing in size, and a handful of other items that helped tailer the house to the client’s specific needs.

Once certified, engineered and interior selections were complete, the builder was able to price the job and start the raise and build. During the construction phase a few more client requested changes happened, including making the void bigger and changing the stairs slightly. More detailing was added to the interiors which included pressed metal ceilings and more extensive wainscoting throughout. Light fittings and high-tech features were a personal touch of the client having worked as an electrician for many years, so the central chandelier is the houses’ crowning glory requiring scaffolding and many hours to install.



Over the years, we have helped countless clients navigate the twists, turns, ups & downs of renovating an 80 year old house. The Ormond Street house was no different, and we feel privileged to have been involved to do it justice. The close relationship we developed with our clients allowed both of us to plan, design and build a one of a kind property with character to last a lifetime.

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