Lenore House Case Study

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Lenore House, a pre-war home that had been converted into a duplex, began its journey as a time-honoured structure left untouched for many years. When the opportunity arose for its sale after a century of existence, the clients, who already owned a neighbouring property, seized the chance to transform this historic gem. Eager to introduce a blend of modern form and multiple materials they turned to Invilla Architecture and their skilled town planning team for expert guidance. The challenge lay in preserving the property's character within the constraints of a character area, a task that required meticulous attention to detail and innovative solutions.


The transformation of Lenore House unfolded through a delicate and well-executed process. We took great care to retain the essence of the original structure while injecting contemporary elements to create a truly unique 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom residence. This approach involved several key steps.

Raising and renovating the pre-war house formed the foundation of the renovation, allowing for the preservation of its historical significance. At the heart of the design, a modern curvaceous bridging element emerged, serving as both an entryway and a double-height void. This central feature also acted as a gateway, connecting the various wings of the house.

To maintain a connection to the existing house, the left extension was designed with a pitched gable roof, echoing the architectural style of the original. In contrast, the entry roof adopted a sleek black, flat design, accentuated by a planter box, creating a striking visual juxtaposition.

Upon entering the house, open-tread stairs greet visitors, offering a tantalising preview of the home's interior. A large, feature olive tree takes centre stage, guiding the eye toward the expansive swimming pool. On the left, an office and media room welcome occupants, while on the right, a cleverly designed triple garage transitions seamlessly into a mudroom, laundry, and butler's pantry.

A harmonious flow was achieved through a series of curved walls and expansive voids, leading to an open plan area encompassing a spacious kitchen and living room. A dedicated formal dining area looked out onto extensive lawns, seamlessly transitioning into a modern alfresco space adorned with a rooftop planter, encircling the featured olive tree.


Invilla's approach to the renovation of Lenore House was characterised by a commitment to preserving the historical charm of the pre-war home while integrating contemporary design elements. We achieved this delicate balance through several key design decisions.

Contrasting materials such as vertical FC, brick, and strategic black accents were strategically incorporated to distinguish the old weatherboard house, creating a dynamic interplay of textures and visual interest.

The layout of the house was thoughtfully designed to ensure separation between the children's bedrooms and the main living area, achieved through a long hallway. The master bedroom, positioned in its private wing at the rear of the property, offered views of the lawns and the pool.

Internally, light and natural finishes were complemented by touches of black, evident in the stair balusters, planter boxes, slender structural posts, and window frames. The home boasted oversized windows and high ceilings to maximise the inflow of natural light, with unique design elements such as arch tops and subtle glazing bars adding character.

Venetian plaster featured prominently throughout the interior, enhancing the curved walls by reflecting light and creating a sense of luxury. A carefully curated mix of wall lights, down lights, and narrow beam lights allowed for the perfect balance of ambient and accent lighting.



The transformation of Lenore House by Invilla represents a successful fusion of historical character and contemporary design innovation. Through a meticulous process and a thoughtful approach, we preserved the pre-war home's integrity while adding modern elements that make it a standout in the neighbourhood. The result is a 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom residence that seamlessly marries the old with the new, providing the clients with a unique, liveable space that will be cherished for years to come.

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