We Are Invilla

Company Profile

Joseph and Michael first met during university, completing both a bachelor of Design
Architecture and a Masters of Architecture together. They reunited as employees at a
boutique architecture firm and cemented their professional relationship while collaborating
on multiple projects.
Joe moved away from the traditional architecture space and into design & construct building design, where he became the Principal designer for Metricon’s architect-designed Signature Range, and subsequently became design Principal for a builder/developer specialising in multi-residential projects.

Michael continued working with architects, spanning from Australia’s largest architecture firm to a small firm specialising in suburban hospitality projects, to eventually leading medium-high multi residential projects as an associate for an architect/development firm.
Invilla was started by Joseph and Michael, who share the core belief that good quality architecture should be affordable to everyone. They collated their experience and highlighted the best of both types of the design and construct process to form the basis of Invilla. By collaborating directly with a team of consultants and working with builders from early in the design process, Invilla can apply practicality & affordability to its projects from the start.

By utilising in-house interior design and external consultants such as engineering teams, certifiers and town planners, Invilla can reduce costs to the client, resulting in an exciting project where the client has more to spend on their project.

Our Mission

"…to make architecture affordable to everyone”

Invilla applies a ‘Design and Construct’ mentality to each project, while providing the detail and the quality design you would expect from any architect.

Our Service Offering

We typically help our clients in the following ways
Design & Architecture
Site Finding
Site Reviews
Townplanning Reviews
Consultant Selection
Design To Budget
Builder & Tender Selection
Development Approval Docs
Building Approval Docs

Our Directors

Joseph verrills

Design Principal
B.DES (Arch); M.ARCH
I became interested in architecture at a young age. I always loved arts and technical drawing. In early high school, I realised I could combine my love of arts and tech drawing with architecture and set out my goals of completing my Bachelor and Masters of Architecture.

Biggest achievement to date must be starting Invilla Architecture, working with so many wonderful clients and seeing their dreams and our designs come to reality through the design process. We’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful clients and homes built and excited to see many more into the future.

Michael Johnston

Senior Architect
B.DES (Arch); M.ARCH
I’ve always been interested in design and some of my earliest memories are of drawing. As a kid, my older brother would always be designing (and still is) and I would always be trying to draw as well as him.

We’d draw cars and houses the most, so when my aunt and uncle were looking to build a new house when I was about 7 or 8, I drew up some concepts including a detailed section showing how everyone would interact with each room. Later doing graphics in high school and work experience at an architecture firm solidified my decision to study architecture at QUT.

Our Team Members

Manuel Pedro

Architectural Technician
The creative process of bringing a building to life appealed to me growing up.

That fascination has remained with me, and I find it exciting to sit with a blank piece of a paper exploring the boundless opportunities in developing an excellent outcome for all involved.

Maryam Khalili

Architect Design Assistant
I became interested in architecture since I was a little girl as I always wanted to design and build my own dreamy home.

My biggest work achievement was being the coordination manager for a 150,000sqm commercial project and being able to overcome all the challenges both technical and client aspects.

Dean maguire

Interior Design
Design Assistant
My passion for design, architecture and drawing has been with me all my life.

I love helping client’s turn inspiration into reality by working with them closely to design spaces they can enjoy for a lifetime.


Interior Design Assistant
I have always loved anything that's creative and appreciate all the fundamentals of design.

I love to create spaces using form, colour and lighting. Choosing to work in design meant I could incorporate those elements and turn them into functional and beautiful spaces that others can appreciate as well.

Carolin Kraft

Architectural Assistant & Draftsperson
From a young age, I enjoyed being creative and designing things using my imagination. It came naturally to me to pursue a path where I can be creative and challenged on a day-to-day basis.

It is very rewarding seeing your sketches come to life and positively impacting other people's lives.

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Our vision is to help everyone live in their perfect home, whether that be through a renovation, knock-down rebuild or a brand new site. Our mission is to make architecture affordable to everyone.